It’s another Catalyst crossover episode! Taryn from Catalyst and your intrepid WB host Mike sit down at Chapman Crafted with Science Mike with questions about introversion and extroversion, his writing process, his podcasting history, and why it’s smart to stay away from mind-altering substances until you’re 26

Mike McHargue AKA Science Mike is an author, podcaster, general advice giver, and a hug in the form of a human. His bestselling debut book, Finding God in the Waves, has helped thousands understand faith in the 21st century. His podcasts include Ask Science Mike, where he leads a forum of thousands of listeners through inquires covering topics that range from  terraforming, micro-biomes,  and masculinity in the 21st century, to miracles, prayer, and purity culture, with countless topics in-between. He also co-hosts The Liturgists Podcast with his friend Michael Gungor, which with over a million downloads per month, The Liturgists Podcast is reshaping how the spiritually homeless and frustrated relate to God.

From Chapman University in Orange County California, Catalyst gives listeners a chance to learn about the Creative Industries through conversations with individuals from a wide array of backgrounds who are working in CI all over the globe. Hear how CI is influencing the public and private sector alike, and how local influences shape a region’s creative landscape. Hosts and CI ‘s biggest fans, Taryn Stroop and Shannon Halverson-Gorajia explore CI in the 21stcentury highlighting the people, policies and practices that are shaping today’s creative economy.

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