Megan Praz and Moll Green have been collaborating as an artist/writer duo for years–first on the ultimate frisbee webcomic, Contested Strip, and followed by the sci-fi space opera pseudo-parody, Space Heroines of El-Andoo. They continue to work on both series, and took time out of working together (and on their individual projects) to sit down with Mike and talk about their history, how a webcomic comes together, and how a one-off joke can grow to become an ongoing series.

Megan Praz is an animator/artist from Pittsburgh, PA. She now lives Los Angeles and life has been interesting ever since. When Megan isn’t making art, comics, or video games, she can be found wreaking havoc on the ultimate frisbee field as her alter-ego, “Bacon.” Catch up with her on her website or tweet @MeganPraz
Moll Green writes comics, movies, and lots of other stuff in Los Angeles and Vancouver. Ted Raimi called her “sweetheart” once. Find her on Tumblr or Facebook… or tweet her sweet nothings @MadMollGreen. (She loves sweet nothings.)

Read S.H.E. here!

Read Contested Strip here!


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