Another edition of Writers’ Block Live! Back in May, Mike sat down with nonfiction writer Doug Dechow and poet Jason Morphew to talk about research into one’s own family, separating fact from fantasy, the allure of isolation, lyric poetry and much more!

Doug Dechow

Doug Dechow is researching and writing a book about his grand-uncle Harry Dale Park, who died over France in World War II.  Doug’s article on the 100th Bomb Group is the cover story for the July 2018 issue of Aviation History. He has written about WWII and about aviation for The Atlantic, Air & Space Magazine, LitHub, Fifth Wednesday, Airplane Reading, Curator, the anthology Bombs Away!, and other outlets. He has also published articles and chapters in Creative Writing in the Digital Age, Parade, Poets & Writers, and elsewhere. Doug is the co-author of Generation Space: A Love Story and The Craft of Library Instruction and the co-editor of Intertwingled: The Work and Influence of Ted Nelson. Doug is also the Director of Digital Projects at the Center for American War Letters and the Digital Humanities and Science Librarian at Chapman University in Orange, California.

Jason Morphew

Jason Morphew started life in a mobile home in Pike County, Arkansas; he holds a PhD in English Renaissance Literature from UCLA. The Jan. 31, 2018 Washington Post reviewed Morphew’s first full-length collection of poems, dead boy, as one of the three “best poetry collections to read this month.” His second poetry chapbook, What to deflect when you’re deflecting, was published by Poets Wear Prada in September 2017. As a singer-songwriter Morphew has released albums on the labels Brassland, Ba Da Bing, Max, and Unread. He lives in Laurel Canyon and teaches English at UCLA.

Writers’ Block Live! is recorded at the 1888 Center in Orange, California.

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