The Superhero Show Show #340

Amazon’s The Boys vs. The Umbrella Academy

On this week’s episode of The Superhero Show Show, The Taste Buds discuss the first two episodes of The Boys season 2, and the finale of The Umbrella Academy!!!

After weeks and weeks of just watching a couple of episodes a week – LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE – the time has finally come for The Taste Buds to catch-up to everyone else and see how the second season of The Umbrella Academy ends. How will the Hargreaves make it out of this one? And, more importantly, what do we think will happen in the third season? What happens in the current season is always less important than what could happen later. As if that wasn’t enough, the penultimate Shushie of the year is handed out. It’s the best actress Shushie, so we all know it’s going to Regina King, but maybe it’ll be interesting to see who else gets nominated? Let’s see…what else, what else…OH! How about a sit down with ex-host Taylor about The New Mutants, the state of movie theaters, and the Dune trailer, and a breakdown of the fourth and fifth episodes of Lucifer’s fifth season, including the black-and-white episode!



Watch The Boys on Netflix

With Butcher still missing, Hughie, Mother’s Milk, Frenchie, and Kimiko are now fugitives, and Homelander and Vought are more powerful than ever. But just as the Boys are about to leave the country, they are pulled back into the fray.


Watch The Boys on Netflix

Butcher is back with the Boys, but tensions flare with Hughie. Homelander spends quality time with his new “family.” Starlight and Stormfront bond at a press junket and the Boys hunt down a super terrorist with a startling identity.


Watch Lucifer on Netflix

The year is 1946. The world is black and white. And Lucifer is the star of his own noir detective story featuring familiar characters in new roles.


Watch Lucifer on Netflix

Amenadiel helps Chloe investigate a nun’s untimely demise. Meanwhile, Lucifer lends Dan a hand, and Linda reveals a painful part of her history.


Watch The Umbrella Academy on Netflix

Reeling from the events at Dealey Plaza, the siblings head to the farm to help save Harlan – only to find themselves drawn into a deadly showdown.

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