The Superhero Show Show #339

Wynonna Earp vs. Even More Nuns

On this week’s episode of The Superhero Show Show, The Taste Buds discuss the mid-season finale of Wynonna Earp!!!

Wynonna Earp didn’t plan on hanging it up for the season, but COVID threw a wrench into the gears. So now it’s time to say goodbye to the Earp family again, at least for a little while, and hopefully, tie up a couple of loose strings. What will happen between the Earps and the Clantons? And more importantly, what will happen between the Ways and the Haughts? And most importantly, where the heck is Peacemaker? The Taste Buds answer all of those questions and more. Meanwhile, it’s time to hand out the Shushie for Best Actor! After all of that, I hope that there’s time to answer some e-mails, and discuss episodes of Lucifer and The Umbrella Academy. 



Watch Lucifer on Netflix

After spending an eternity in hell, Lucifer returns to the land of the living – but there’s something a little different about this handsome devil.


Watch Lucifer on Netflix

Lucifer – the real one this time – helps Chloe investigate a murder committed on the set of a TV show inspired by his own life.


Watch The Umbrella Academy on Netflix

A desperate Five concocts a risky plan to intercept another version of himself. The FBI tortures Vanya. Diego discovers what causes the apocalypse.


Watch The Umbrella Academy on Netflix

As the Fives plot against each other, one of the siblings makes a big sacrifice to help Vanya. Plus, Lila learns the truth about her parents.


Watch Wynonna Earp on

The gang races to save one of their own, but are hindered by unseen forces.

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