The Superhero Show Show #338

Lucifer vs…Lucifer!?!

On this week’s episode of The Superhero Show Show, the Taste Buds review the fifth season premiere of Lucifer!

This week, Cassie and the boys welcome our boy Lucifer back into the fold. Next week, they’ll watch a bunch of episodes, but this week they’re just focusing on the pilot, catching up with all of their favorite characters, and seeing where they’re at two months (or thousands of years) after the last episode. They are also continuing their look at Smallville, watching multiple episodes from the back half of the series, including Justice and Homecoming. After that, Katelynn from the Unnatural 20’s comes on to do some Smallville trivia! If that wasn’t enough, they also give out the Shushie for Best Supporting Actress of the year, and reviews of new episodes of Wynonna Earp and The Umbrella Academy! That’s too much show!!!



Watch Lucifer on Netflix

Lucifer toys with a murder victim while Chloe and Maze investigate the death. Meanwhile, Amenadiel cleans up the club, and Linda mothers a genius.


Watch The Umbrella Academy on Netflix

Allison gives Ray a peek at her powers. Dave visits Klaus’s compound. The Handler offers Five a deal, and the siblings meet their father for dinner.


Watch The Umbrella Academy on Netflix

After Five travels to 1982 to carry out his new mission, the siblings face a flurry of difficult decisions. Meanwhile, Carl issues a warning to Vanya.



Watch Wynonna Earp on

Trouble at the Homestead leads to payback time for a deadly deal.

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