The Superhero Show Show 05/23/20

Supergirl Finale

On an all-new episode of The Superhero Hour Hour, the Taste Buds discuss the season finale of Supergirl! Yes, we all know that it wasn’t supposed to be the finale (we say that for the third podcast in a row), but does it still work. Some of it totally does! But is the rest of it the result of a rushed finale, or an overcomplicated season? Meanwhile, Ruby Rose quit Batwoman! So it’s up to the Taste Buds to try and tell The CW who should take her place. All of that, plus discussions on every other TV show based on a comic book that came out this week! Guys, it’s Stargirl week! Guys, it’s Snowpiercer week! So much is going on! And then Vagrant Queen and Legends of Tomorrow still had the audacity to release episodes in this crazy week. Tune in, download…out, and bangarang on! Death is the only adventure! Hook sucks.

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