The Superhero Show Show 05/09/20

Riverdale Finale

The Taste Buds discuss the fourth season finale of Riverdale! Sort of. I mean they do discuss what is technically the season finale of Riverdale, but there were supposed to be three more episodes this season. But thanks to quarantine, those episodes are kicked to next season, and this becomes our finale. Does it still do what a Riverdale finale is supposed to do? And is it fair to talk smack on it being a letdown, when they obviously shut down the shooting to be safe? What…would we rather have Riverdale shoot in Huntington Beach, and throw little tantrums until they get their way? Of course not.

It’s also e-mail time, where our dedicated listeners get to take over the show and get to choose what we talk about! They don’t get to talk, but we sure do! We cover all of the important topics, including TOPIC 1, TOPIC 2, TOPIC 3, AND TOPIC 4!

Plus, as usual, reviews and discussions of every other show based on a comic book that came out this week! Including:


Who will Batwoman enlist to help her recover one of the most important items from BATMAN’S arsenal?


How did Melissa Benoist do in her directorial debut?


Godspeed is back, baby!


Who will the Legends bring back to life with the LOOM OF FATE?


What goes down in the sixth episode of Vagrant Queen?


It’s the opening of the Pepper Plant!

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