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The Super Hero Hour Hour 10/5/19 – Preacher

Preacher Series Finale

The Super Hero Hour Hour 10/5/19 Preacher Finale The Taste Buds review the finale episode of Preacher! The apocalypse is on its way, and the only way to stop it is to keep the genetically inbred descendant of Jesus from dancing! Can Jesse, Cass, and Tulip save the day? Will Preacher be able to land…

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Super Hero Hour Hour 07/16/16- Preacher

Well folks, shit’s about to get cray in the small little Texas town where Jesse and his pals reside: Eugene’s missing, Tulip and Emily are pals, Cassidy is pining, and Odin is coming for Jesse’s land. Plus we FINALLY get the secret origin of Jesse and Tulip! What are the Taste Buds gonna have to…

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