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Movie of the Year: 1988 – Finale, Part 2

Movie of the Year 1988: Finale Part 2 The Taste Buds choose THE movie of 1988! This is really it. Everything you have done in your life has really been leading to this moment. Take a really deep breath and prepare yourself to finally really know the real answer to the only question that has…

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Movie of the Year: 1988 – Rain Man

Movie of the Year 1988: Rain Man The Taste Buds are tackling the number 2 seed for 1988 on this week’s episode: Rain Man. That’s right, this is the 2nd highest seeded movie in the bracket, but do you feel like you know that much about this movie? Have you seen it? Do you think…

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Movie of the Year 1999 – Eyes Wide Shut

Movie of the Year 1999: Eyes Wide Shut The Taste Buds discuss the 1999 movie Eyes Wide Shut. The boys cover the meticulous film-craft, the many iconic scenes, and, of course, the s-e-x. But Ryan doesn’t think the s-e-x is actually s-e-x, so check that out.  Plus, the guys construct a 1999 Ghostbusters squad, and we…

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Movie of the Year: 1999 – Magnolia

boy genius

Movie of the Year- 1999: Magnolia The Taste Buds discuss the 1999 movie Magnolia! Can a 26-year-old director spin numerous vignettes into the top of the bracket? Have you considered that 26-year-old was G.D. P.T. Andersen? Join Greg as he leads Mike and Ryan in discussions about the volume of theme, volume in general, Brad’s braces, the realtionship of the…

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Flickchart’s Greatest Battles  In which we pit two movies together using, debating their merits or lack thereof. ROUND ONE Hitch VS Equilibrium Oh man…these are the sort of battles Flickchart was made for.  Two movies so equally mediocre that it might just be a tie.  It’s a choice between one of the most forgettable…

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