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Movie of the Year 2018 – Sorry to Bother You

Movie of the Year 2018: Sorry to Bother You The Taste Buds discuss 2018’s Sorry to Bother You! Join your host Greg as he welcomes two new contestants into the arena: Mike and Ryan! They’ll duke it out to see who can talk about Sorry to Bother You real good! Points will be rewarded, Skadooshes will be had, and…

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Movie of the Year: 2018 – The Battle Begins

Movie of the Year 2018: The Battle Begins image via Movie of the Year reveals the 16 movies that will compete to be named the 2018 movie of the year! Join Greg, Mike, and Ryan as they whittle down the sweet 16 to the elite 8, and discover which 8 movies they will be covering in…

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