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Movie of the Year: 1988 – Big

Movie of the Year 1988: Big The Taste Buds review the 1988 blockbuster Big! Big is a movie about the worlds of adults and kids colliding, but also it is a movie about adult life being a nightmare. Is this a good way to handle such a sensitive issue? I’m going to say maybe, but…

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Movie of the Year: 2018 – State of the Franchise

Movie of the Year 2018: State of the Franchise   The Taste Budz discuss how the key franchises in film are performing. 2018 was doubtless a year in which franchises dominated the box office. Marvel seems to release a new movie every six minutes. There are so many Star Wars movies they had to make…

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The Super Hero Hour Hour 4/12/19 – The Tick Season 2

THE SUPER HERO HOUR HOUR: The Tick Season 2 Premiere The Taste Buds review the second season premiere of The Tick! Arthur and Tick are back out patrolling as a superhero duo, and Arthur is dealing with the fallout of having chosen his real identity as his superhero identity. Will the Tick get a new…

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