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Movie of the Year: 1997 – Boogie Nights

Movie of the Year: 1997 Boogie Nights The Taste Buds tackle the 1997 hit Boogie Nights! Boogie Nights (pronounced like how the dog from the Cookie Crisp commercial says “Cookie Crisp”) is the story of a little man with a very big dream. That dream? To make things sexy. And for a while, friends, he…

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Movie of the Year: 1999 – Magnolia

Movie of the Year- 1999: Magnolia The Taste Buds discuss the 1999 movie Magnolia! Can a 26-year-old director spin numerous vignettes into the top of the bracket? Have you considered that 26-year-old was G.D. P.T. Andersen? Join Greg as he leads Mike and Ryan in discussions about the volume of theme, volume in general, Brad’s braces, the realtionship of the…

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