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Movie of the Year: 1988 – State of the Franchises

Movie of the Year 1988: State of the Franchises The Taste Budz–and two of their favorites from the Unnatural 20s podcast–have franchise fever and the only prescription is more franchise. That can’t be right. Why would franchises cure franchise fever? If anything they probably cause it, right? I bet the real prescription would be something…

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Movie of the Year: 2018 – Genre Blast

Movie of the Year 2018: 2018 Genre Blast The Taste Budz were wondering what about all the genre films that are good in their own unique way but never get any love from the dorks at the awards shows, or even the dorks who work on this podcast. Doesn’t horror deserve some recognition for all…

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The Super Hero Hour Hour 10/30/18 – Sabrina

THE SUPER HERO HOUR HOUR: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 101 The Taste Buds review the Series Premiere of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! Did something finally unseat Riverdale as Taylor’s favorite show? How teenage and how much of a witch is Sabrina exactly? Are there any cheer competitions in this show? The buds dig into these questions…

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THE POP FILTER TOP TEN BLAST FROM THE PAST: We at YourPopFilter are aware how intimidating it can be to wade your way through years of back content. And we’re aware the viewership is growing all the time (thanks for that bt dubs!). So every once in awhile we’ll pull something from the murky past and…

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Wake n Bake – The Worst Witch

WAKE N BAKE in which Erin informs you of the best movies to blaze to I was stoked when I found out that Halloween would come on a Thursday this year, since that’s the day my column goes up.  Then I got sad when I remembered that my column is biweekly and that Halloween fell…

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