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The Super Hero Hour Hour 11/02/19 – Daybreak

Daybreak Premiere

Super Hero Hour Hour 11/02/19 Daybreak Premiere The Taste Buds review the premiere episode of Daybreak! Six months after an apocalypse turned all adults into zombies, kids rule the wasteland just like high school kids would! Can Josh find and rescue his former flame Sam? Will he be able to survive the onslaught of Jocks…

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The Super Hero Hour Hour 9/7/19 – Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead Ner Tamid

The Super Hero Hour Hour 9/7/19 Fear The Walking Dead 512 The Taste Buds review the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead! Charlie meets a rabbi, and the convoy is under attack! Will Charlie find her meaning and path in life thanks to the lord? Will the convoy avoid being taken down by Logan?…

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Movie of the Year 2004-Spider-Man 2

Movie of the Year 2004: Spider-Man 2 The Taste Buds review the 2004 movie Spider-Man 2! Join host Greg as he pits contestants Ryan and Mike against each other to see who is the Spider-Man 2 master and Greg’s number one best friend! The Taste Buds tackle everything about the movie, from how it fares as a Spider-Man story,…

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The Super Hero Hour Hour 04/06/18 – Legion

THE SUPER HERO HOUR HOUR: Legion 201 The Taste Buds review the newest episode of Legion! On this, perhaps the most special episode of Super Hero Hour Hour, the gang is joined by Unnatural 20’s star and bon vivant Cassie. Together they dig deep into the Season 2 premiere of Legion in which even more craziness makes…

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On the latest episode of The Super Hero Hour Hour, Ryan makes his triumphant return back to watching The Walking Dead, and Mike has to help him figure out everything he’s missed. Who is Fat Joey, and is he different from Fat Tony? Does Darryl actually prefer dog food sandwiches to people food sandwiches? Who was a better philosophy…

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Super Hero Hour Hour 7/31/15

This week, Ryan and wait…NOT MIKE?! What happened to Mike? Why is Jason here again? Who the flying heck is Josh? Find all this out and more on this week’s episode! Plus they talk about Dark Matter, the show that continues not to show us captain Mark Dattter.

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Super Hero Hour Hour 7/24/15

Tonight, and tonight only, Mike and Ryan will be discussing Dark Matter. Just kidding! They have to do that every week until new shows come out. On the upside, they also discuss 10 comic books that should be television shows immediately. And that, dear friends, is worth sticking around through the Dark Matter segment for.

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TODAY’S PANEL In which we preview the biggest books in stores today! 1. BATMAN #39 PANELIST #1: The Joker One of the few cool things about the New 52 so far is how they (Scott Snyder) has dealt with The Joker. In just a few short years, he’s been established and re-established as the scariest…

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Superhero Hour Hour (Vol.1)

Popfilter Presents:  The Superhero Hour Hour  The  newest show in the growing YPF podcast empire, the Superhero Hour Hour will tackle ComicBook Television every Friday. Ryan and Mike from the PopFilter Podcast will be discussing comic adaptations on TV, new comic TV news, and a whole bunch of other shit every Friday. Volume 1: Letter from…

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THE POP FILTER TOP TEN BLAST FROM THE PAST: We at YourPopFilter are aware how intimidating it can be to wade your way through years of back content. And we’re aware the viewership is growing all the time (thanks for that bt dubs!). So every once in awhile we’ll pull something from the murky past and…

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