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Movie of the Year: Comedy TV of the Year

MOVIE OF THE YEAR: Comedy TV of the Year   The Taste Buds choose the best Comedy TV show of 2018! Now that the dust has settled on the music portion of 2018, it’s time to turn our sites to television. This week, 16 comedies get thrown into the bracket, attempting to do what it…

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CHANALYZE In which we dig in to each specific channel, seeing if there really is something to this whole “channel personality” thing FOX   Did the FOX network create Channel Personalities? I’m not old enough to remember what the world was like before FOX, but I do remember them quickly becoming the network that certainly…

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BROOKLYN NINE NINE *** (out of ****)   Sometimes all you need is for someone to say “What is Andy Samberg was a cop?” Well, maybe that’s not all you need, but it’s a pretty decent start. I don’t know what it will do for the ratings – I have no idea if the people…

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