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The Super Hero Hour Hour 5/3/19 – Gotham Series Finale

Gotham Series Finale

THE SUPER HERO HOUR HOUR: Gotham Series Finale The Taste Buds review the series finale of Gotham! Cobblepot and Nigma are out on the town causing havoc 10 years after Reunification, but there’s something more sinister underfoot and a new force out to stop them! Will all of our favorite characters make it out alive?…

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Movie of the Year: 2018 – State of the Franchise

Movie of the Year 2018: State of the Franchise   The Taste Budz discuss how the key franchises in film are performing. 2018 was doubtless a year in which franchises dominated the box office. Marvel seems to release a new movie every six minutes. There are so many Star Wars movies they had to make…

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The Super Hero Hour Hour 3/15/19 – Gotham

Gotham The Trial of Jim Gordon

THE SUPER HERO HOUR HOUR: Gotham 509 The Taste Buds review the latest episode of Gotham! Jim Gordon is on Trial, for Murder! Whose, you ask? His own! And everyone else who has fallen at the hands of Gothams foes. Can Jim save himself from the brink of death? Does Poison Ivy manipulating children make…

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The Super Hero Hour Hour 02/23/18 – Batman: The Animated Series

Batman The Animated Series

THE SUPER HERO HOUR HOUR: BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES The Taste Buds review Batman: The Animated Series! It’s a slow week, thanks to the Winter Olympics, so tonight the guys jump on the opportunity to look back at one of the seminal television shows of their childhood, and one of the best translations of a comic book to…

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TODAY’S PANEL In which we preview the biggest books in stores today! 1. BATMAN #39 PANELIST #1: The Joker One of the few cool things about the New 52 so far is how they (Scott Snyder) has dealt with The Joker. In just a few short years, he’s been established and re-established as the scariest…

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DC The New 52: Week One

DC Comics (which is Batman, Superman, Green Lantern. Marvel Comics is Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man) attempts to be a superhero this week with the release of Justice League #1. The comic book industry is dying, aside from the staying power of providing Hollywood with the colored storyboards that will one day lead to the disappointing…

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