Arrow is the grandaddy of all shows, and this grandaddy dog still knows new tricks. Do those tricks sometimes make no sense and are hodgepodge thrown together mishmash? Sure!  But there’s so much charisma and character work, and the flashbacks are actually fun again! Ollie’s new team learns about his murdery past and they take issue with his lecturing when he used to be such a fuck up. Plus Prometheus may be someone they know!


Supergirl tries to make Mon-El a male her and James Olsen wants to be important!

The Legends have to deal with past douche-Stein yet again in Legends of Tomorrow!

Neegan loves babes on The Walking Dead!

Lucifer and Dan pull a switcheroo on Lucifer!

Luke meet-cutes Claire on Luke Cage!

The morbid city is filled with sexy and unsexy love triangles on Gotham!



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