The Super Hero Hour Hour 02/23/18 – Batman: The Animated Series



Batman The Animated Series

The Taste Buds review Batman: The Animated Series! It’s a slow week, thanks to the Winter Olympics, so tonight the guys jump on the opportunity to look back at one of the seminal television shows of their childhood, and one of the best translations of a comic book to TV of all time. They look back at the style, the substance, the art, the animation, the storytelling, the characters, and all of the rest of the stuff that put this show on a tier above all others, and changed the way they looked at TV shows forever. I’m seriously not being dramatic right now. They freak the fudge out about this show.

The whole episode is dedicated to BTAS, so you will also hear them play Ultimate Batman, where they select one and only character from each of the Batverses, in order to make the perfect cast. This means they can ONLY pick one BTAS representation, and MUST pick one Snyderverse representation, so things get heated. Also, another rousing game of PopFilter Trivia, this time all about Batman The Animated Series. It’s a BTAStic Spectacular for the ages.

Tune in later in the week for reviews of The Tick and Legends of Tomorrow!


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