Popular Opposites #009

The Monster Squad

On an all-new Popular Opposites, Taryn and Shannon battle it out over The Monster Squad!

It’s Shannon’s turn to choose the movie, and it’s the 1980’s classic The Monster Squad. Taryn has never seen it before, so she doesn’t have the nostalgia for it that Shannon has…does that mean it’s impossible for Taryn to love it? Is this just a movie that exists for Taryn’s kids, and not Taryn? Or will Shannon’s love AND nostalgia shine through and show what a perfect movie this is? Tune in and find out if Shannon and The Monster Squad win the battle, or if Taryn hates the movie. Also discussions on whether or not Rudy is just Sean’s Tyler Durden, and if it’s more likely that you’ll rock until you drop, or you’ll dance until your feet fall off. All of that, and so much more, on an all-new Popular Opposites! 

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