Popular Opposites #003

My So-Called Life

Taryn and Shannon battle it out over the 90’s high school drama My So-Called Life!

On an all-new Popular Opposites, Taryn is tasked with defending her pick, My So-Called Life! Shannon is a 90’s kid, who used to be (and still is) full of angst, so this should be a perfect pairing, right? They watch a couple of episodes, and discuss Claire Danes as an actress, Angela’s treatment of her mother, how Rickie is the best part of the show, how Jared Leto is the worst part of life, and so much more! As if focusing on the show wasn’t enough, just wait to listen to what they get into when losing focus, such as growing up in the Northwest, getting flannels from your dad, listening to grunge, and listing things about growing up in the Northwest! Is that too much for one so-called podcast? Probably, but let’s find out together!

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