Popular Opposites #001 – Dirty Dancing

Popular Opposites #001

Dirty Dancing

On the all-new Popular Opposites, Taryn and Shannon discuss whether or not Taryn is right about liking Dirty Dancing!


Welcome to Popular Opposites, an all-new podcast that tries to figure out if it’s possible for best friends to stay best friends, even if they like different types of pop culture! The answer is probably no, but let’s see anyway! On the very first episode, Taryn forces Shannon to watch Dirty Dancing, which is a movie that has romance and dancing, instead of the things that Shannon likes, like dragons and aliens.

Once they dive into the movie, your podcast hosts try to figure out if Dirty Dancing is actually even better than they remembered. Is Baby’s arch-rival Penny actually that bad? Is Baby’s sister Lisa the true star of the movie? And does Jerry Orbach seem like a good dad or a bad dad, despite trying to keep some or all of his daughters in a corner?

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