Pop Filter: A Decade of Excellence – TV Drama of the Decade

Pop Filter: A Decade of Excellence

TV Drama of the Decade

YourPopFilter celebrates 11 years of podcasts by choosing the best TV drama of the last decade!

TV is movies right in your own living room. Especially the TV dramas of the last 11-year decade. Why a decade of eleven years? Well, counting is hard when the world is trying to find new ways to end every day. But the world racing towards its own fiery destruction is actually one of the reasons we need TV dramas now more than ever: let’s just be sad about what happens in the box and not in the real world that surrounds that box? Why worry about your own failing health or disordered relationship with drugs when you could instead think about Breaking Bad? And you’ll never have to face the horrible toll misogyny has wrought if you instead focus on this faults of Donny Drapes and his fellow Mad Men.

As you can tell, we are a comedy podcast and we have friends (we definitely have friends) so we asked some of them, the high-rollers at the Unnatural 20’s, to come help us pick which drama was the best, and/or the biggest, part of the last decade. We have the Unatty 20’s on to remind ourselves, and the audience, that simply having taste is not sufficient to pick the most important drama, you must also have the support of younger, nicer, fundamentally better people. We get a little heated on this one, we raise our voices, Taylor shuns us for an entire segment, and a baby makes her podcast debut!  All of that, and more, on an all-new PopFilter Podcast!

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