Pop Filter: A Decade of Excellence – TV Comedy of the Decade

Pop Filter: A Decade of Excellence

TV Comedy of the Decade

YourPopFilter celebrates 11 years of podcasts by choosing the best TV comedy of the last decade!

TV comedies are some of the greatest things we’ve got. They help us to forget our troubles and sit back and get lost in a dream world of funny jokes. They do that, right? Some, yes, but the TV best TV comedies of the last decade are about using humor to deal with the most terrible experiences life can throw at you. Take This May Destroy You, which builds its comedy around the horrors, humiliations, and nightmare confusions that come with sexual assault. Or look at My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which uses music as well as comedy to soften the blow of what is ultimately the story of a mentally-ill woman’s life falling apart (and about how she drags a few of the nearest lives down with her).

We are once again joined by some of the most important figures in the history of Pop Filter, Taylor, and then also the Unnatural 20’s, as usual. We feel comfortable having them on because although they are funnier than we are, their opinions are objectively worse than ours. They’d be the first to tell you, not that you should take their word for it. But they come in on this one and do the thing where they ruin the show but then that actually makes the show a lot better? And then they act like they’re not totally trying to do that and succeeding. They’re kinda genius in that way. All of that, and thankfully more, on an all-new PopFilter Podcast!

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