Pop Filter: A Decade of Excellence: Pop Culture of the Decade

Pop Filter: A Decade of Excellence

Pop Culture of the Decade

Watchmen Series Premiere

YourPopFilter celebrates 11 years of podcasts by choosing the best piece of pop culture of the last decade!

Pop culture is what we do here. It’s in the blood. And we know how to make the tough decisions that others are simply unwilling–or perhaps unable–to make. How can a movie square off against an album? How do you compare a TV comedy to a TV drama? These are questions that would cause lesser podcasts to quail, but they bring out the hawk in us. And like mighty hawks, we swoop in to make these kills with the grace you’d expect from hungry birds. We are hungry for decisiveness. We are eating up opinions.

But it’s not enough to just hear us squawking and baby-birding our opinions to you. No, we had to call in the Unnatural 20’s to remind us we are old and the things we like are profoundly stupid. They never show up without reminding us that we are much closer to death than they are, which is a shitty flex at this point what with the future being completely fudged. Like call the keebler elves cuz everything is only getting more fudged. Image how bad the world will be when you’re in your 70s vs when I am in mine! Ha! Boom!

You ever think of that? How the world will actively get worse as your body and mind do as well. So when you are least able to survive it, that’s when things will be as bad as they have ever been. Seems bad idk. All of that, and probably more, on an all-new PopFilter Podcast!

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