Pop Filter: A Decade of Excellence – Mix Tape of the Decade

Pop Filter: A Decade of Excellence

Mix Tape of the Decade

YourPopFilter celebrates 11 years of podcasts by creating the mix tape of the decade!

Behind all out amazing success of the last decade, there was always a song playing or a beat dropping. We came to see this music as the soundtrack to our meteoric rise to the somewhere on the podcasting mountain. How cruel would it be to withhold this music from you, our most special fans and supporters? We kick things off with Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z and their hit track “Drunk in Love” just to get the mood started. And the picks only get better, and wilder, from there.

Did you know that Beyoncé’s husband was also in music? That’s so cool! Kawinky, please meet my friend Dink, amirite? Mostly though we talk about songs that have really moved us, both emotionally and physically, which that second one can be really hard. We’re big boys and thus not wont to feel or move in any way that might push us beyond the bounds of comfort. Comfort is king and we are all merely its subjects.

But it’s not enough to just hear us squawking and baby-birding our opinions to you. No, we had to call in the Unnatural 20’s to remind us we are old and the things we like are profoundly stupid. They never show up without reminding us that we are much closer to death than they are, which is a shitty flex at this point what with the future being completely fudged. Like call the keebler elves cuz everything is only getting more fudged. Image how bad the world will be when you’re in your 70s vs when I am in mine! Ha! Boom!


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