Movie of the Year: 2020 – State of the Franchise

Movie of the Year: 2020

State of the Franchise

The Taste Buds discuss 2020’s franchises!

The TasteBudz are talking about the most important thing in all of our lives: movie franchises. We are talking Trolls, Wonders Women, Pixar movies, Covid). Kate joins us to drop some of that Movies I’d Like To Fix energy. But will she be able to fix movies that belong to franchises? Probably, why is it always the questions with you? We are of course going to get into the DCEU. We are for sure gonna tackle WandaVision. And we’re definitely gonna hurt each other’s feelings!

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And let us assuage your fears right off the bat, yes, we are discussing Space Jam. Greg unveils a new saying of his own invention, which we assume will catch on in no time, and Kate makes a startling confession. OK, now I am being told this is only available to our pay pals via our Patreon. Jerk-Store move on our part and I dig it!

CookieTracker 2020

Cookie has yet to make another appearance since First Cow, but we keep hoping. I have to admit that I thought maybe Cookie’s appearances were linked to Kate’s but….

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