Movie of the Year: 2020 – Nomadland

Movie of the Year: 2020


The Taste Buds discuss 2020’s Best Picture winner, Nomadland!

The TasteBudz are about as hyped as we have ever been because we are talking about 2020 Best Picture, Nomadland. Did we know it was the best picture at the time? No. Do we care that it has since won Best Picture? Meh. Feels like a really good pick though, and by the time you are done listening to this podcast, you’ll agree. We spend a lot of time talking about how great Chloe Zhou is and about how bad Amazon is, which is funny because I’ve only seen this one movie of hers and yet I buy like everything I use off Amazon. But I FEEL the right way is the thing.

She sure does move around a lot

OK, now I get it. That means this movie is really well named. Like a van named Vanguard. You gotta ask yourself how she thought of that name for her van, Vanguard. Speaking of Vanguard: Seriously think about putting your money into a Vanguard S&P 500 account. It’s a really solid long-term investment that I made a few years ago and need others to keep also making for about the next 30 years, at which point I can just cash out and die.

Cookie is not in this one

Cookie has yet to make another appearance since First Cow, but we keep hoping. If Cookie were in ONE other movie this year, you have to imagine this would have been it, but nah.

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