Movie of the Year: 2020 – GenreBlast

Movie of the Year: 2020


The Taste Buds discuss 2020’s genre films in GenreBlast!

The Taste Buds brought Kate back, and, frankly, we don’t want a lot of guff about it. Kate is our friend and we can stop podcasting with her literally anytime she says she won’t be on the show. But since Kate is dropping by anyway, we thought we would take the opportunity to look at some of those wacky, oft-forgot genre films that Hollywood–in its ignorance–and we–as geniuses–don’t even bother to put in award shows or bracket competitions. We’re talking action, comedy, family, rom, com, soft dom–literally all the genres that Hollywood has on offer.

I’m not a genre-film, I’m a genre, Phil

I’m sitting here writing this and just thinking about how good genre movie is. When I first saw the bracket, I was like, “Movie is genre.” And I had no idea what it was really, but it turns out I was totally right: movie is genre. Usually when we do a year on this show, we have decades of cultural conversation to help us contextualize everything, but these movies are each genre. If a movie is not genre, we will not talk about it (on this show).

Movie is wonderful

We like movie and movie is genre. Genre is wonderful.

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