Movie of the Year: 2020

Color Out of Space

The Taste Buds continue working on 2020 with Color Out of Space!

On a very special episode of Movie of the Year, Mike and Ryan are joined by Nate Ragolia, host of the A Vague Idea. They let him choose any 2020 movie he wanted for the podcast, and he of course went with crazy Nicolas Cage. Listen to this episode with Nate, or his own podcast, and you’ll get it. Color Out of Space is based on a Lovecraft story, as all things are now, and it tells the story of a family that is attacked by a purple (that’s a color) meteor (that’s from space). The entire movie is a race to see who is the most crazy, between the movie itself and the movie’s star. In this episode, the Taste Buds will get into the horror of the film, its ideas about legacy, and create a Mount Rushmore dedicated to the most iconic farmers in movie history. All of that, and a Nicolas Cage career retrospective!

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