Movie of the Year: 2020

Bad Boys 4 Life

On an all-new episode of Movie of the Year, the Taste Buds continue their romp through the movie landscape of 2020 with a discussion of Bad Boys 4 Life! At least, that’s what it’s couched as because – let’s be honest here – it’s hard to just focus on that and not the entirety of Will Smith’s career. They do dig, in the ways only they know how because it’s an important movie that deserves as much thought and discussion as all of us can possibly give it. But that doesn’t stop the Taste Buds from doing a deep dive into each era of Will Smith’s career. How many different eras have there been? And have their been some eras that made us a little nervous it could be the last era? They also do some trivia, and decide who deserves the award for the best performance of the entire movie. As if that wasn’t enough, Jack Walden (aka @meanunclejack on twitter) sits in on this episode to see if he can defeat Mike in talking about movies better! All of that, and so much more, on an all-new Movie of the Year!

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