Movie of the Year: 2020 – A New Season Begins!

Movie of the Year: 2020

A New Season Begins!

The Taste Buds discuss 2020 and how movies attempted to save us from it!

The Pop Filter team is here to pick the 2020 movies that will compete for Movie of the Year! 2020 was a year so great that we here at Pop Filter are unable to let it go. Did some bad stuff go down? Well, we both know that it did, but there were also some great movies. Little gifts to cinema that we would be remiss to turn our backs on. Is that something you’re willing to risk? Our being remiss? We aren’t. Not when Nomadland is out there beggin for someone to just go ham on the ‘cast. And dudes just going off on Promising Young Woman is what the country needs right now.

Tough choices

But for every movie that makes it into the final bracket, there will be two others thrown to the wayside, defeated and dishonored before the cinema world and one very nice gentleman from the UK. Tenet might not be in the big 8, basically, and you should prepare yourself for that now. Get out ahead of the disappointment. This will give you a chance to sample your future unhappiness in, like, appetizer form.  I live my life this way and I have to say: it’s fine.  

Silly Season

At one point, Mike says, “More like unsound and mental!” Which, to me, reads like a non sequitur. We do talk about The Sound of Metal though so I guess it isn’t totally out of nowhere.

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