Movie of the Year: 2019

2019 Bracket Previews

The Taste Buds preview their end of the year shows with discussions of over 100 movies, television shows, and albums! The Taste Buds know that brackets are the only way to make tough choices. It’s how we decided who was on the podcast, who we married, and even who we hunt for sport on our vast, secret island of curiosities. (Don’t ask about the island, it’s too wonderful and maddening to be believed.) In this episode–in which we are joined by sister ‘casters the Unnatural 20’s–we get a jump on a few of our brackets so we don’t have to watch so much stuff and potentially get pop-culture poisoning. We discuss what didn’t make the brackets, but probably should have, as well! Help us run down the best in 2019 movies, TV, and music almost a month into the ’20’s!

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