Movie of the Year 2004:

The Incredibles

The Taste Buds discuss the 2004 film The IncrediblesSpecial guest star Books from the Unnatural 20s joins Ryan and host Mike (what??) to review and revere the 2004 Pixar masterpiece, which they all thought was good or whatever, no big deal. Maybe more than good. OK, maybe they went a little crazy while recording this because of how much they love the movie. Maybe at one point Ryan starts crying. This episode has a whole segment–and this is not a joke–discussing Ayn Rand and Exceptionalism as relates to the movie. Greg was super jealous that he didn’t get to be in that conversation. He’s kind of made like a whole stink about it. It’s sorta embarrassing, but this is off topic. Also the gang talks about the boys that made 2004 so hot!