Movie of the Year: 2004- Million Dollar Baby

Movie of the Year 2004:

Million Dollar Baby

The Taste Buds discuss the 2004 film Million Dollar Baby! Clint Eastwood enters the Movie of the Year lexicon as our first actor/director/angry old man and he’s bringing the 2004 Best Picture winner to uppercut every other film on the bracket. Join host Greg as he pits contestants Ryan and Taylor against each other, as they slug it out for the honor of being Greg’s best friend, and their very own sweaty boxing gloves. And if hard-hitting cinematic analysis isn’t enough for your greedy little ears, then the Taste Buds are here to give you  Rushmore dedicated to the Hot Boyz of 2004 and take on Million Dollar trivia! Will our little baby fighter Taylor takeout the heavyweight Ryan? Does Eastwood’s boxing flick deserve the awards the past threw at it? Can Hillary Swank definitely the crap out of everyone? The answer to 2 of the questions is listen to find out, and the answer to one is obviously!