Movie of the Year: 2004- Kill Bill Vol. 2

Movie of the Year 2004:

Kill Bill Vol. 2

The Taste Buds discuss the 2004 film Kill Bill Vol. 2! The first Quentin Tarantino movie to enter into the Movie of the Year Thunderdome, The Bride and the rest of her assassin squad aim to take down the rest of the bracket and have the entire year to themselves. Join host Greg as he pits contestants Ryan and Mike against each other, as they both fight for the honor of being Greg’s best friend, and their very own Hanzo Hattori swords. If an hour of incredible movie conversation isn’t enough, imagine if the Taste Buds also create a Rushmore dedicated to the fashion of 2004, go on a Kill Bill shopping spree, and try and get someone into the PopFilter Hall of Fame. It’s a show more jam packed than a briefcase with a black mamba in it, and neater than a sandwich that gets its crust cut off with a giant knife.