Movie of the Year: 2001

A Winner Declared

The Taste Buds are ready to decide on 2001’s Movie of the Year!

It all comes down to this! By the time you have listened to this episode, you will know the 2001 Movie of the Year. You’ve been waiting all season for us to declare a champion, and the coronation has arrived. There will be tears, there will be blood, there will be a 2001 Movie of the Year!

Tough choices

Will it be The Piano Teacher, the gut-check acting show case from abroad? Maybe, but it could also be the popcorn funtime of Oceans 11. Speaking of Vegas, bookies in the know have Mulholland Drive as the movie to beat, and we would feel really smart if we picked a movie like this to show off how much we “get” movies. If there is a movie that could take down Mulholland Drive it has to be Spirited Away, Studio Ghibli’s gorgeous, epic, stunning look at a bathhouse for spirits. Shoutout to the Raddish Spirit.

A year of wonder; a year of light

At one point, Greg points out that He doesn’t like Oceans 11 as much as everyone else. If you listen to this show regularly, you probably know that because he says it quite  bit. We talked to him about it, but he did NOT take it well, so just bear with us. (Greg has asked me to indicate here that he actually doesn’t like Oceans 11 as much as other people do.)

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