Movie of the Year: 2001 – Spy Kids (feat. The Unnatural 20’s…only)

Movie of the Year: 2001

Spy Kids

Cassie, Katelynn, and Mackenna from The Unnatural 20’s podcast have taken over Movie of the Year, and they’re talking Spy Kids!


Your girls from U20’s have infiltrated the Your Pop Filter studio to talk about the most influential movie of not only 2001 but, arguably, of all time. So grab your grappling hook and join the party as we give ourselves rad codenames, make an unfortunate coffee association, focus in on the plot, share the good news of the Thumb Thumbs, get fooled by the spy mitten, give the movie to the kids, hide the villainous plan, freak out over George Clooney, enter the makeup code and unlock the world’s secrets, identify with the warty kids in diapers, underplay murder, update Mt. Rushmore with the best young spies, attempt to communicate with babies, try the Benjamin Button argument, throw the turtles in last minute, get distracted by the donk, market the Thumbs, grab all the good gadgets, appreciate the Big Mac miracle, kidnap Mr. Floop, discuss whether slime can be a snack, take the award away from Antonio Banderas and give it to his mustache, fail to find a cringe, lose it over the sexy pinky-thumb nurse, work with a small budget, disagree about what makes a memorable family moment, and win by default.

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