Movie of the Year: 2001

Ocean’s Eleven

The Taste Buds swoon over 2001’s coolest film, Ocean’s 11!

Ocean’s 11 is pure Hollywood enjoyment. How much popcorn has been shoveled into maw’s during this one is anyone’s guess. Around these parts we tend to celebrate the more cerebral and mentally chunky movies, but you have to give it to Soderbergh and company–they set their sights on making a fun, cool, and classy movie and that’s exactly what this is. Understanding that the movie wants to be fun and have fun is central to enjoying it, especially in a season that features movies that actively want to hurt us.

A timeless classic

It’s almost hard to believe this movie is from twenty years ago; it feels like it should either be from yesterday or fifty years ago. It is timeless and classic at the same time. Rather than get bogged down with weird Sixties Hollywood nostalgia, it instead takes the spirt of those times and communicates them into the early Oughts. Doing this while relying on the star power of Clooney and Pitt makes for a home run, and the supporting cast, which is talented from top to bottom, ensures that home run is a grand slam!

What we cover

We hit all the important points in this one. At one point Ryan says, “Gould Goes for Gold!” which I thought was very funny, and if episodes of podcasts had posters, I think we would put that on the poster. We spend quite a bit of time talking about George Clooney in this episode and we even mention the satellite thing, which if you don’t know about you should really look into.

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