Movie of the Year: 2001

Mulholland Drive

The Taste Buds swoon over 2001’s most beguiling film, Mulholland Drive!

This week on the show, the guys discuss Mulholland Drive, David Lynch’s quixotic masterpiece! Do the guys feel they “get it” enough to fully enjoy it? Did the movie confound and astound them, pushing their minds to places they perhaps would rather not go? Were the guys impressed or angered by the movie’s constant tonal shifts?

These questions are answered on this week’s Movie of the Year, where we cover Mulholland Drive, a movie so amazing that it causes Ryan to exclaim “Mamma mia, that movie is so much better than Mamma Mia!” At what point do I drop the façade of acting like there is any chance that we didn’t simply love this movie more than just about any movie we’ve ever covered for the show?

You have to not be upset when you don’t understand things to fully appreciate a movie like this. Luckily, the guys understand so little that they’re comfortable being completely confused by even simple things, let alone a movie with the twists and turns of the titular Mulholland Drive itself. Greg’s got his head caught a bike lock, many times, and he doesn’t even own a bike. But not understanding something is really the first step to understanding everything. And it’s impossible to understand everything and so it’s impossible to take one step toward understanding everything. Therefore, we just sit back and let the movie wash over us. Is it confusing when every character is every other character? Brother, I don’t even know who I am, and I certainly don’t know who you are, and honestly, if we’re the same person, we wouldn’t even be that surprised.

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