Movie of the Year: 2001

The Battle Begins

The Taste Buds Kick off the 2001 season of Movie of the Year and the choose which eight movies will make up the season!

2001 is here! We are about to get underway on a big year at the old movie plex. New host Mike is going to walk the guys through the cinematic landscape of a year that is synonymous with film itself and nothing else. 

Nothing much happened this year, so you probably aren’t even familiar with it off the top of your head. But check it out, Lord of the Rings came out in 2001. Wet Hot American Summer was birthed and changed comedy for all time. Also, it changed the lives of each of the panelists. The first Harry Potter movie was made in ‘01, based on a book whose author fell in a big hole and got covered in doodies. Robert Altman had a movie in 2001, Gosford Park, will it have what it takes to go all the way?

Probably no one is reading this at this point, so I feel free to say: Spirited Away. I would spend all day just looking at stills from this movie. No guarantees exist here on Movie of the Year, but I will guarantee this: movies is fun.

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