Movie of the Year: 2001 – The Final Battle

Movie of the Year: 2001


The Taste Buds are ready to decide on 2001’s Movie of the Year!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, non-binary folks, people who prefer not to be addressed at all–wait, not you–the time has come to crown the champion of 2001, a year that is solely known for the quality of its cinematic fare. Some of the movies from this season are among the best the crew has ever seen, but that’s the thing about Movie of the Year: there can be only one. Highlander rules, baby, this is a cinema podcast, what did you expect?

Tough choices

So, yeah, that means we are going to be making some tough choices on this one. But it’s like our dad used to say (one dad, three diff moms) “Tough choices make for tough podcasts,” which we always assumed was a good thing, but now that I type it out doesn’t even seem to make a ton of sense. What’s a “tough” podcast? Actually, Jamie Loftus’s new Lolita podcast is pretty tough, now that I think about it. See, and she is making tough choices on that show all the time. Wow, way to go dad: you were totally right. Jamie Loftus is so amazing.

A year of wonder; a year of light

Not 2020, obviously. How funny is it that 2020 makes 2001 look wimpy? So funny. It’s like, yeah, we do one of those everyday now, homie, and we forget all the damn time. Wild. But not everything is bad, and movies remind us of that. Well, not The Piano Teacher. But other movies like Spirited Away or The Royal Tenenbaums reveal that life paints with all the shades of experience, not just the gloomier ones.

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