Movie of the Year: 1999 – The Battle Begins

Movie of the Year:


Welcome to the inaugural episode of Pop Filter’s newest series, Movie of the Year! We’re on the hunt to find the best film of each and every year, in the only way that matters: brackets. Join Greg, Mike, and Ryan, as they discuss what makes a film matter now vs when it came out (and more!).

Movie of the YearFor the first season, the Taste Buds are attacking what was quite possibly the best year in film history, 1999. Using the algorithms (aka work) of Letterboxd, the top sixteen films of 1999 were calculated and seeded into a bracket. In this episode, the three discuss what to expect out of the first season, and determine the eight movies they will actually review to find the best movie of 1999! Will it be Election? The Mummy? The Matrix? Fight Club? Being John Malkovich? The Phantom Menace? Toy Story 2? 1o Things I Hate About You? Magnolia? The Iron Giant? American Beauty? Office Space? Green Mile? Eyes Wide Shut?

There’s only one way to find out!

There will be games. There will be drinks. There will be points. There will only be one Movie of the Year.


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