Movie of the Year: 1999- Finale Part 2

Movie of the Year 1999:

The Final Battle

The Taste Buds enter the final rounds of the 1999 Bracket! In a knockout- friend ruining no holds-barred tussle, Greg leads Mike and Ryan through the gauntlet. The surviving movies are Toy Story 2, Magnolia,  Eyes Wide Shut and Being John Malkovich, meaning everything from animation to sexuality, to marriage, and the absurd are on the table for the Taste Buds to throw in each other’s faces…

Plus it wouldn’t be a finale without the final awards! Greg, Ryan, and Mike discuss the Best Actor, Best Actress, the Most Cringe-Inducing Moment, and more!!

For the next three weeks, enjoy the Best of MOTY:1999 shows, and we’ll return with Movie of the Year:2004 after that!

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