Movie of the Year: 1991 – Point Break (Bonus Episode)

Movie of the Year: 1991

Point Break (Bonus Episode)

Does Point Break have what it takes to shame the 1991 Movie of the Year?

Movies of the early 90’s could be about either extreme sports OR bank robbery. Point Break invites us to imagine a magical world where those streams cross and combine to give us one PERFECT movie. That’s right. We think this one of the best movies of all time, and we aren’t afraid to gush about it.

Keanu Reeves is Johnny Utah, fresh faced FBI agent and one time college football star with the trick knee to prove it. Patrick Swayze is Bhodi, the adrenaline junkie-slash-guru-slash-criminal who wants to teach Johnny about the spiritual side of surfing. Also along for the journey is Gary Busey, who seemingly wandered onto the set and was filmed trying to talk his way into two different meatball subs.

A character named Johnny Utah, a pitbull thrown like a weapon in the midst of a 10 minute chase, Gary Busey’s character nearly missing a bank robbery because he was laughing too hard at the funnies—This is a straight up comedy, right? Is there any other way to interpret this movie than as satire?

Also, we ask: How much does the plot make sense, and is it okay if it’s zero?

Nineteen and ninety-one. It was a magical time full of promise and wonder and we have to go back. However, we cannot. We can only move forward. Because we are podcasters, and bravely moving into the future is all we know how to do. All of that, and somehow more, on an all-new Movie of the Year!

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