Movie of the Year: 1991 – Mix Tape

Movie of the Year: 1991

Mix Tape

Will our 1991 mix tape change how music is appreciated?

Scientists still refer to 1991 as the Great Time of Music and Song. Experts agree bands like Nirvana changed everything for rock, while rap and hip-hop took quantum leaps forward. Can we capture this magical time in music through only the power of mix tape? Listen now and see for yourself!

Mix tapes are the single greatest invention in the history of humanity and, frankly, it is not very close. But each mix tape must be carefully crafted. It needs a thesis, a theme, a plot almost. Planning and forethought are the twin watchwords when it comes to the fine art of the mix tape. However, we are bad at those things. Instead of planning or forethought we opted to just sorta chuck a playlist together and hope it captures the spirt of this season’s year: 1991.

And what was 1991 if not the 80s persisting? Shoulders were still big, greed was still religion, and Democrats were still Republicans. Nineteen-Eighty-Eleven straddled two times, and so its music looked backward as it dared to leap forward. We capture that spirit by doing whatever we feel like with this playlist and then giving ourselves a lot of credit for it.

Nineteen and ninety-one. It was a magical time full of promise and wonder and we have to go back. However, we cannot. We can only move forward. Because we are podcasters, and bravely moving into the future is all we know how to do. All of that, and somehow more, on an all-new Movie of the Year!

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