Movie of the Year: 1985 Horror


Continuing the Movie of the Year spinoff, the Taste Buds tackle the horror movies of 1985! Up next: Phenomena!

here were too many horror movies in 1985, and literally none of them made the Elite 8, so Ryan and his good friend Tompkins decided to give them their own show! On this episode, Ryan and Tompkins are joined by Simone Norman, as they discuss Dario Argento’s Phenomena! Taking a break from their run of queer horror, The Taste Buds find that they instead start a new run of bug control movies and chimp detective movies! Does the movie do a good job with its disabled heroes and villains, or do a good job delivering any scares at all? Probably not! Meanwhile, the gang creates a Mount Rushmore dedicated to the bugs of film, and makes of horror remakes of some of 1985’s classic films! All of that, and more, on an all-new Movie of the Year: 1985 Horror!

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