Movie of the Year: 1985 Horror

Fright Night

Continuing the Movie of the Year spinoff, the Taste Buds tackle the horror movies of 1985! Up next: Fright Night!

There were too many horror movies in 1985, and literally none of them made the Elite 8, so Ryan and his good friend Tompkins decided to give them their own show! On this episode, Ryan and Tompkins are joined by Sam Wineman, an actual horror filmmaker, to discuss Fright Night! Sam is also something of a queer horror expert, and Fright Night definitely gives him and the Taste Buds a lot to play with. What is Fright Night trying to say about sexuality in relation to vampires, or the suburbs, or people with the first name Evil? They’ll answer all of those questions, plus create a Mount Rushmore dedicated to real actors playing fictional actors, like Fright Night star Roddy McDowall! All of that, plus Fright Night trivia, and so much more!

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