Movie of the Year: 1985 Horror

Friday the 13th, Part V: A New Beginning

Continuing the Movie of the Year spinoff, the Taste Buds tackle the horror movies of 1985! Up next Friday the 13th, Part V: A New Beginning!

There were too many horror movies in 1985, and literally none of them made the Elite 8, so Ryan and his good friend Tompkins decided to give them their own show! On this episode, Ryan and Tompkins are joined by Christina Ellsberg to discuss one of the worse movies the three of them have ever seen. It’s a classic 80’s franchise, but Friday the 13th V is a notorious misstep, where they removed Jason Voorhies, and didn’t put much else back in. The Taste Buds do their best to analyze the film, while also creating a Mount Rushmore dedicated to the most iconic campsites in film history, and some Friday the 13th trivia! And Patreon members get a bonus show, where Ryan interviews two characters from inside the film! That seems like it’s too much show, but there’s even more than that!

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