Movie of the Year: 1985 Horror

Day of the Dead

On an all-new Movie of the Year spinoff, the Taste Buds tackle the horror movies of 1985, starting with Day of the Dead!

There were too many horror movies in 1985, and literally none of them made the Elite 8, so Ryan and his good friend Tompkins decided to give them their own show. On the first episode, Kate Dellis is here to take on Tompkins and compete to see who watched Day of the Dead better. They’ll talk about all of the gore, all of the girls, all of the things that made this zombie movie a flop at first, and then what made it a cult classic. In the meantime, they’ll also go over who are the most iconic bullies in movie history (in this movie it’s…like…just the military), and do some Day of the Dead trivia. And Patreon members get a bonus show, where Kate and Tompkins breakdown the horror trailers of 1985! That seems like it’s too much show, but there’s even more than that!

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